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Debt Consolidation

Let us help refinance your existing debt, place all of your loan payments into a single repayment schedule, and offer better terms including lower rates


What Type of Funding Do You Need?

Getting money for your business is not the problem, getting the right funding is the challenge 

The small business lending landscape is diverse, complicated and time consuming.  Let’s face it, the deck is stacked against the business owner making it virtually impossible to beat the system and get the best terms, the best rates and the most optimal funding solution – UNTIL NOW.

IBC has spent the last decade guiding small business owners through the lending process, and ensuring our clients get the absolute best funding solution available.

IBC Fast & Easy Funding

Accessing commercial funding for real estate and business IS complicated and time-consuming, so IBC developed a system simplifies the process and gets better results for you.

Cut weeks in lost productivity

The Average Loan application takes a business owner 300 hours or research, paperwork, presentations and rework and most of the time they still don’t get the best funding option.  IBC does all the heavy lifting.

Save Thousands dollars

The difference between the right loan and the most appropriate lender can mean the difference between thousands in monthly cashflow.  The wrong loan can make or break a business.

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